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HTML/CSS Web Templates Note: Dramatic, warm colors highlight this dining industry web template  Offers many special pages that are targeted for the restaurant business - can be easily modified.

Great websites make MONEY! Websites that are successful offer their users lots of information, resources, photos and good products or services. Our web templates and FrontPage templates are designed to give YOU the ability to easily produce a website that offers useful content and an inviting, attractive atmosphere. You don't have to use all the pages we give you in the beginning, but you WILL need them as your website grows - click here to learn more!

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This Restaurant/Dining Template contains search engine friendly drop down menus, and more than 40 pages, including the following and MORE!...

Menu Pages

Gift Certificate Pages

Catering Service Pages

Maps and Directions

Customer of the Month

Reviews & Opinions

Sales & Specials

Company Staff

Join Our Mailing List

Products of the Month

Holiday Pages


Links and Resources

"Our Community" Section

Around the Globe


Company and Staff Profiles

Customer Lounge

Photo Galleries

Catalog and Product Pages

Customer Support/Feedback forms

What's New

Restaurant Reviews

Press & Media Room

MORE pages and design layouts AND useful
detail pop-up pages, plus much more!

Cup of Java - Inside the Web Template
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Customizing Your Template

We can help you! We offer AFFORDABLE custom services on ALL our templates...

Unique needs? Want a template that's "just right" for YOUR theme, YOUR business, YOUR application? Let us create one that fits all of your needs!

OR... iust need a different color, or a different image, and not sure how to make it look great? We can also modify any of our templates to suit most of your preferences!

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This is a Web Template, it can be edited in any HTML authoring program.
We do recommend/suggest one of these programs:

Microsoft Expression Web v.1.0 - Complete Product - Web Designing/Publishing - 1 User - Complete Product - Standard - English - PC

Adobe Macromedia Dreamweaver v.8.0 - Complete Product - Web Development - 1 User - Complete Product - Standard - English - PC, Mac

FrontPage 2003

Although this program isn't readily available for sale any longer, it will still work with all our templates!

Microsoft Expression
The NEWEST and easiest
to use web editor available!

Macromedia DreamWeaver
One of the most used
and high end programs!


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