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Make money marketing Our Web Templates and Web Templates!

We pay a generous 25% commission on every download sale generated by your referrals, and 10% of 2nd tier sales. Our templates range from $47 to $367, so you can see how quickly a GREAT income can be earned! Our affiliate program will set a cookie that lets you get paid even if it's SIX months later! (Click here to see a commission breakdown)

Virtually everyone you know, or who visits your website, either has a website, are planning to have a website, or will someday soon have a website!

Almost EVERYONE you know, or who visits your website, is a potential client! Mega millions are already on the Internet, and millions more are getting online every month...

You can HELP them get started with their website the EASY, affordable way AND SAVE them hundreds of dollars in start-up costs if they want to make money online!

Our Web Templates and Web Templates are the BEST on the market, and we package them with HUNDREDS of dollars in FREE bonuses.  

Affiliate Program Rules and Restrictions:

We review each application and approve you as an affiliate partner AFTER we visit your website.  Your web site must be active, with minimal "under construction" pages, and cannot promote hate, racial, anti-government or other inflammatory content. We also refuse applications from websites that promote a lot of other affiliate programs or web design templates and services.

We will provide you with several suggested TEXT content links that contain few graphics. We know from long experience that flashing banners and big graphics DON'T SELL — honest opinions and personal endorsements do!

You are also welcome to use some of Our Web Templates and Web Templates thumbnail images. Our linking tips area on your Affiliate Account will show you how to use the thumbnails with some text that will generate click-throughs.

We do not require any minimum sales, although we do offer great bonuses for sales promotions and contests. We DO require that your links are up-to-date and active on your website, and we check this on a regular basis. If we cannot find your links to us easily, neither can prospective buyers, so we'll give you one email notice and if the links aren't updated, we will remove you from the Affiliate Program.


Click here to set up your Affiliate Partner Account. We ask that you fill in all areas. Your information will be kept completely confidential.

PLEASE use the same PAYPAL EMAIL for both your payment AND your contact email! If you don't have a PayPal account, just click here to set one up — it's QUICK and EASY!

Real-time stats: You can check your sales anytime by following the link in your "Welcome" email (sent after we approve your application). You do not get an email notice of sales generated from your site, so be sure to check your Affiliate Activity and Stats regularly through the link we provide you.


All Affiliate Partners are paid through PayPal the second week of each month following closed sales! If you don't have an active PayPal account, you need to set one up. Just click here to do so...

You can read our complete Affiliate Program Rules by clicking here. We MUST receive your email confirming that you have read and accept these Affiliate Program Rules before we can complete your Affiliate approval!

Affiliate Program Questions and Answers...

Q. Does it cost anything to become an Affiliate Partner?

A. No. It's free to join our program!

Q. Do I have to own an FP World Template to become an Affiliate Partner?

A. No. If you're a user of our products, you can talk more honestly to your customers about the SUPERB value and the quality/ease of use our Templates offer.

But if you at least thoroughly familiarize yourself with our range of Templates, how we construct them and what they can do for a user in producing a great website, you should still be able to establish a knowledgeable opinion and express honest enthusiasm when recommending our products!

Remember, the more you are able to express YOUR endorsement and opinions, the more sales you make! People like personal opinions!

Q. Can I use my Affiliate link to purchase a Template and save money?

A. The simple answer is "no", not if it's the first Template you purchase. We don't automatically approve every Affiliate application, and part of the reason for that is to rule out anyone who is just signing up as an Affiliate to save 25%. However, if you DO purchase a Template for your own use AFTER you sign up, we will reimburse you the 25% AFTER your fourth completed referral sale.

Q. Is there a minimum amount I need to make each month to get paid the following month?

A. No. Since we don't write checks and mail them — we pay through PayPal — we will pay for any sales generated in one month when payments are made the following month.

Q. Will I be provided with any sales or marketing tips? I'm not experienced in selling...

A. We will be constantly providing you with Sales and Marketing Tips, promotional materials and ideas on how to increase your sales/affiliate referrals. We WANT you to be successful! Obviously, we BOTH win when you are!


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