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Template Policies and Notes

Please read the following prior to purchasing a template from our company.

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Template Disclaimer

Are there browser interface problems?

Our templates are designed to work within Windows IE, Firefox, Opera and Mozilla ... For MAC users, some IE's, Safari and Mozilla. A couple of our template features may cause browser compatibility problems, such as the Drop Down Menu's - they work in almost every browser available, however they can be blocked and intercepted depending on the user's browser preferences. The odds of this being a problem are VERY low, however - the vast majority of Web users keep their default settings and use Internet Explorer, so your website will accommodate almost everyone.

Will my website be Search Engine Friendly?

The templates are designed to help you layout your content in the most optimal way, and they include Meta Tag layouts. However, we can NOT guarantee that you will get top ranking in the Search Engines or that you will receive "X" number of visits, or even that you will make $X.XX. Achieving a good position in the search engines requires knowledge and work, and success depends on your marketing efforts alone.

Will my site look like your template?

If your website doesn't look like our template did when you first bought it, then give us a call. We have one of the highest rated and best customer service of any template companies available on the Internet, and we'll try our best to help you achieve the most attractive website possible.

How many websites can I use the template on?

One. Each template comes with a single-use license, and we enforce it. If you have more than one website, we will work with you to choose additional templates that complement each other and are affordable.

What is our refund policy?

We do not offer refunds. Our templates are software, and like any software, once you have it, there's no way to return it. Unlike most template companies, we offer complete previews so that you can see exactly what you're getting BEFORE you buy. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us before you purchase. Remember, too, that if you encounter any problems with our templates or need help with your website needs, we'll be here to assist you with most issues.

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