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Why Choose Our Templates?

The most common question we get is... "Why would I spend X amount of dollars on your templates when I can get this other template for less money...?"

The answer is actually super simple... QUALITY and QUANTITY...

The difference between our templates and the other templates available are hugely significant. Every customer that buys one of our templates comes back and tells us how easy our templates were, how unique, how great, how extensive and more...

You get what you pay for in this world... You just have to decide if you want to pay for one of theirs now, and continuously pay to get to the point you need... OR purchase one of ours and be closer to the end result the FIRST time!


Questions & Issues Our Templates Their Templates
Number of pages inside the template... Our smallest template has 15-25 pages, Our industry templates have up to 150 pages... The average template company gives you 2-5 pages... Once in a while you may find a company that gives you 10-15...
Layouts and page designs inside the template...

The purpose of using different layouts is simple. The internet is a VISUAL medium. You need to capture the eye of your visitor or they will NOT pay attention to what you have to "say"...

Each of our template has at least 10 if not 40+ unique page layouts... Depending on the level of template you select. This gives you flexibility when creating your site, as well as creativity when designing your website. The average template company gives you a template with 1-2 layouts saved over and over again.

If you are lucky, you may find one with 5 different boring and standard layouts.

Graphics and Images Most of our templates use real life photos to give your website the professional image you need to best present yourself to the world.

In some cases we use fun graphics or drawings to depict a specific type of business.

Depending on the template company you find, they either give you boring, dull or cartoon depicted images for your website. The problem is that a lot of times it gives your website an "amateurish" feel.

Then of course, there are even a few companies that require you to find your own images, and the ones provided in your template cannot be reused.

Colors We use bright, bold, unique and rich colors for our templates - We match the colors to the images provided so that your site flows together in a harmonious appearance.

In our HTML/CSS industry templates you will even find several color layouts to give you the ability to add depth and richness to your website.

There are a few template companies that use great colors. If you find them, GREAT... Otherwise you find the same boring and dull colors over and over again.

However, most template companies do not care if the colors and images match, giving your website a harsh look.

Flash Intros In a few of our older templates, you will find small SWISH files that can be affordably and easily changed.

Unlike most template companies, we do not create Flash templates for 2 reasons. 1. Changing Flash is complicated for "newbies" and requires a program that most people do not have the time to learn or the money to purchase...
2. Using Flash can cause ranking problems in the search engines. Unless your website doesn't rely on Search Engine ranking. So we do not recommend using it unless your website can stand without the search engines...

There are lots of template companies that provide you with Flash templates, if this is what you are looking for, have the time to learn, have the time to change and want this for your site... We say GO FOR IT!